Why is Secondary Infertility so common?

In my clinic I see more couples trying for second babies than I do first babies. But why is secondary infertility so common?

Recent research in the US indicates that secondary infertility is more common than primary infertility. And IVF clinic data shows that up to 60% of patients already have a child. With most NHS hospitals only offering IVF funding for childless couples, the emotional and financial pressures of trying for a second child can be immense.

The situation is not straight forward. With lives becoming busier after the first child, couples are less likely to prioritise their own health and wellbeing. Added to the increased stress and pressure of a child at home, maybe a promotion at work and then a couple of years of un-healthy living added to your age, it’s not a surprise that the second baby is hard to come by.

Putting aside the physical changes that can happen a few years down the line, the emotional rollercoaster of trying to conceive can have a huge impact on mental wellbeing. Each month can bring an overwhelming number of different emotions, from hope and optimism to frustration, desperation, jealousy. For couples who already have a child, usually the feeling of guilt can be added to this list. Guilt that you should be happy with the child you have. Guilt that you should be spending more time with this child, not sitting quietly thinking about the second child you want. Guilt that you maybe should have started trying to conceive sooner. The list goes on.

You are not alone.

You are not a bad person for having these emotions.

Negative thoughts do not impact your fertility.

I cannot promise to rid you of these thoughts, but I can reassure you that you are normal. I have worked with hundreds of couples who have been on a similar journey. I have heard the darkest thoughts and have not been scared by them. I have probably had most of them myself when I experienced my own issues conceiving. You may not want to share them with me, and that’s fine too. But I am here and I can help you.

I offer acupunctue based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many of the acupuncture points have emotional benefits as well as physical. And if there was ever a condition that required emotional healing as well as physical, then fertility would be it.

Acupuncture treatments are beneficial for all kinds of fertility issues, PCOS, irregularities with periods or ovulation, endometriosis, painful periods. There is also considerable research which suggests that acupuncture benefits and increases your chance of success through IVF.

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