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What happens in a treatment?

Gabby Lamplugh - Cosmetic Acupuncture

Appointments are an hour long and begin with taking a full medical history. I will ask to look at your tongue and take your pulse on both wrists. These give me clues about your internal health. Everything I am told in my clinic room is held in the strictest of confidence, so please be honest.

Acupuncture points cover the entire body so please dress in suitable loose clothing. If you are unable to allow me access to particular parts of your body because of religious reasons or due to injury, I will do my best to accommodate this.

People often worry about the needles. In the past I have been quite scared of having acupuncture, so I understand the anxiety that can happen when the talk of needles starts. I promise that I am careful and gentle when treating with acupuncture. Most of the time you cannot feel a thing when the needles are placed and certainly the treatment is very relaxing and calming. There is absolutely no point coming for acupuncture if the treatment itself is stressful, so I will do my best to work with you so you are comfortable with the treatment. Usually the needles are left for 15-40 minutes depending on the person. I make sure that you are wrapped up in a warm blanket and most people find this very relaxing and fall asleep.

After your treatment is is recommended that you have a quieter few hours. Acupuncture and cupping are both quite draining treatments. They ask the body to focus it’s energy on healing and as such, will struggle to also go charging around at 100mph. If you want to get the most out of your treatment, then try to schedule it when you will be less busy afterwards. Some patient’s react stronger than others to the treatment and can be quite tired. It would be ideal to go home and have a rest for a while. As with most therapies, a “healing crisis’ can occur a few days after treatment. This is where you can feel worse for a day or so before making a significant improvement. Although it’s not wonderful to feel lousy, it is very positive that your body is reacting to the treatment and that healing is taking place.

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