Many people experience pain and discomfort in their muscles at some point in their lives. For some this is as a result of an injury or excessive injury. For others this is a gradual pain built up over time with no particular reason. Traditional Chinese Medicine will look at all aspects of a persons physical and emotional health to diagnose the issue. Acupuncture is an excellent solution to many musculoskeletal pains and a practitioner may use a combination of points local to the injury along with points to address the underlying issue.

Acupuncture is often used by western physiotherapists to help muscular pains. Usually these points are trigger points on muscles to affect the pain/ tension cycle. A TCM Acupuncturist may include these points in their prescription but will also focus on addressing the health of the individual to accelerate healing and to prevent long term injuries from occurring. In Chinese Medicine, a propensity for injuries that do not heal in the appropriate time frame are due to an imbalance of the organs of the body which can lead to stagnation of qi and blood. It is the stagnation which causes the pain.

Acupuncture points are chosen to help move the qi and blood. A prescription of points are configured to encourage the organs of the body to function correctly and work in harmony with each other.

Often, acupuncture is combined with Chinese Fire Cupping to achieve the best results. Fire Cupping is extremely effective at reducing pain and increasing mobility. Please take a look at the Chinese Fire Cupping page for more information.