Does acupuncture hurt?

Most of my patients ask me this, usually as I’m just about to pop the first needle in. Of course, the official answer is no, not at all. But that would be a little white lie… sorry!

If you want the honest answer, sometimes you can feel a tiny pinch on some of the needles. About 1 in 50 in my estimation can be felt. The rest are completely and utterly painless, you wouldn’t even know they were there. 

But before you go panicking, let’s put this feeling into context. It is at least 1000 times more painful to pluck out an eyebrow hair. And a bikini wax feels positively barbaric in comparison. Often when a patient is on their period, they can be slightly more sensitive and aware of the needles. But honestly, as a previously needle phobic person, I promise you, I am very gentle.

I see lots of patients who are already struggling with stress and anxiety, so there is absolutely no point I’m having a stressful acupuncture experience. I make sure all of my patients are happy, comfortable, pain free, relaxed and warm. 99% are snoring away after just a few minutes.

If you really want a treatment and would benefit from acupuncture, please don’t let these tiny needles be a block. You will be surprised at how gentle and relaxing a treatment it is, with some astounding results.